It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night: Work Family Interface and Employee Engagement

Societal and workplace changes over the last few decades have radically altered how employees and managers spend their time — both in and outside the workplace. Technology – the advent of emails, smartphones, and virtual private networks, among others – has substantially shifted the boundaries and created more flexibility in terms of what can be done in the office and what can be taken home. Men’s increased involvement in family life coupled with women’s greater work force participation has also prompted change: varied benefit packages and work–time demands emerge, and from new quarters, as employees’ priorities evolve and the working population diversifies. Shifting demographics and aging populations in developed countries also mean that people are more likely to end up caring for someone at some point in their lives. Indeed, for organizations concerned with employee wellbeing, there is a growing impetus to help individuals manage their dual professional and private life obligations.


Janice Byrne, and Anna Canato. 2017. It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night: Work Family Interface and Employee Engagement, Organizational Dynamics, 46(2): 104-112:

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About the Author:

Janice Byrne
I am Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour at Iéseg School of Management, France and have been working there since August 2012. I previously worked at EMLYON Business where I completed my PhD in Management in 2012.  I am very proud to have been a member of the second ‘cohort’ of EMLYON’s PhD programme.  Early in 2017, I was lucky enough to be a visiting scholar at University of California, Santa Barbara: immersing myself in their award winning (gender studies!) sociology department was a real eye-opening experience for me!

Eccentric in nature, eclectic in research, my work generally combines at least two of the following three themes: gender, entrepreneurship and education.  My current work addresses gender and entrepreneurial role models, business growth intentions, training, work-life balance and family business succession.  I’ve published in numerous international journals including Academy of Management Learning and Education, Small Business Economics, Organizational Dynamics, Management International, Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat, Industry and Higher Education as well as popular media outlets such as the Harvard Business Review and The Huffington Post.  I am a member of the editorial board of Academy of Management Learning & Education and regularly review for various leading entrepreneurship journals. I am an active member of the ISBE’s Gender and Enterprise Network (GEN).  I am also a big fan of the DIANA project, and won Best Paper Award in 2015.

When it comes to combining research and practice, I try to be a do-er as well as a thinker (and a writer!): I am Academic Director of Led By HER, an entrepreneurship training program for women who have experienced violence or extreme personal hardship.  This initiative is the perfect symbiosis of my three passions: education, entrepreneurship and real girl power!

Wife to one very determined entrepreneur and mother to two enterprising young boys (!), I am very thankful for my strong and supportive family.  While I live in France, I am Irish to the core and frequently return to my fair city, Dublin.  There is nothing quite like the green, green grass of home!

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